Sunday, March 25, 2012


a lot of things happen, good thing and bad....happy and sad...but still there is long way 2 go trough....i thought that i'm strong i can be strong but now i'm so tired of all this things that happen around me....tired to always have 2 thing for other people first.....some time i wonder why i'm the last one with 'her' that night....i ask 'her' not to die yet...that i need her...that i can't do what she ask me 2 do.....and she just say "you are exactly like me" that's why

now that i've done everything.....i'm started to feel tired of this.....i'm not my father is wife.....i'm not my brother and sister is mother.....i'm just my father is daughter and i'm younger sister 2 my brother and sisters ........i just want 2 be me again..... i want 2 be that spoiled little girl again that not matured girl.....when i'm that person i'm the happiest person in the world

i hate my self for thinking like this.....all i want is just to have one day that i could run away from this responsibility and be my self again....i want people 2 stop telling me that i'm like my mother......i'm not anyone is mother, i just want 2 be a daughter and a girl with crazy life....i just want 2 stop before i'm getting really sick of all this